Anyone who enters the market to purchase a good or service. For futures, a buyer can be establishing a new position by purchasing a contract ( going long), or liquidating an existing short position. Puts and calls can also be bought, giving the buyer the right to purchase or sell an underlying futures contract at a set price within a certain period of time. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary

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buyer buy‧er [ˈbaɪə ǁ -ər] noun
1. [countable] COMMERCE someone who is buying something:

• After three weeks, the family had a buyer for their three-bedroomed home.

ˌfirst-time ˈbuyer especially BrE , ˌfirst-time ˈhome buyer especially AmE [countable]
PROPERTY someone, especially a young person, who is buying a house or an apartment for the first time
ˈimpulse ˌbuyer [countable] MARKETING
someone who buys goods without planning or choosing carefully:

• Books with attractive jacket designs can be sold to impulse buyers.

ˈmove-up ˌbuyers [plural] PROPERTY
people who own a house, but want to move into a bigger and better property:

• The condos have been specifically designed to appeal to move-up buyers.

ˈtarget ˌbuyer
MARKETING the type of person that you aim to sell your products or services to; = target customer
2. COMMERCE LAW (let the) buyer beware a phrase meaning that it is the responsibility of the person buying something to notice any faults that it may have:

• `Let the buyer beware' has long served as an ominous warning to home buyers and a cherished protection for sellers.

3. [countable] COMMERCE someone whose job is to buy the goods, materials etc for a shop to sell or a company to use:

• A wholesale buyer of women's clothing only inspects a sample of the goods.

maˈterials ˌbuyer [countable] COMMERCE
someone whose job is to buy the materials needed by a factory to produce goods; = PROCUREMENT OFFICER; PURCHASING OFFICER
ˈmedia ˌbuyer [countable] MARKETING
a person or organization whose job is to buy advertising space in newspapers etc, or advertising time on television etc
ˌspecial ˈbuyer [countable] FINANCE
someone whose job is to buy and sell bills and shares for the Bank of England as a way of controlling the amount of money in an economy

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buyer UK US /ˈbaɪər/ noun [C]
PROPERTY, FINANCE someone who buys something, especially something valuable such as a business or a house: possible/potential/prospective buyer »

A number of potential buyers have expressed interest in the company.


a home/car/insurance buyer

a buyer for sth »

He's still looking for a buyer for his house.

find/attract/encourage buyers »

The book was valued at $160,000 but she was unable to find a buyer.

See Note CUSTOMER(Cf. ↑customer)
COMMERCE someone whose job is to decide what will be bought by a company, especially a store: »

She's the buyer for a stylish boutique in Dublin.

(let the) buyer beware — Cf. let the buyer beware
See also FIRST-TIME BUYER(Cf. ↑first-time buyer), IMPULSE BUYER(Cf. ↑impulse buyer), MATERIALS BUYER(Cf. ↑materials buyer), MEDIA BUYER(Cf. ↑media buyer), MOVE-UP BUYER(Cf. ↑move-up buyer), TARGET BUYER(Cf. ↑target buyer)

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